Le mariage de Krokwai

Event en anglais, où Krokwai failli se marier à une Zoraïe enlevée. logs en brut :

La partie de Fakuang

Vous êtes dans le Pays Malade.
Vous êtes dans le Bosquet de l'Ombre. Cette région est neutre.
Vous êtes sur le Promontoire des Kipees.
Sharleen s'incline devant Heline.
Rikutatis dit : That is true, Khalaoden. But I just think they behave in a disrespectful way to ambassadors. Asking them to leave halfway through. If they want private meetings, they should hold them in other days.
Fakuang look people here with disdainful
Fakuang dit : Are you here for zorai ?
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Fakuang.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Rikutatis.
Sharleen s'incline devant Fakuang.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Sharleen.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Wolk.
Rikutatis looks at Fakuang with a frowned mask.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Khalaoden.
Khalaoden dit : That is true and in the end they did, because it was too long.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Sorum.
Khalaoden s'incline devant Lehony.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Tomama.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Azazor.
Sharleen s'incline devant Lehony.
Heline s'incline devant Lehony.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Heline.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Sharleen.
Khalaoden dit : Yes, we are here for the so called oracle
Fakuang account people and computes how many he can extort
Rikutatis dit : Are you the one who wrote that letter?
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Sorum.
Fakuang dit : Yes, I'm Fakuang.
Rikutatis aime Lehony.
Fakuang dit : The better Antikami in the world.
Rikutatis looks at Fakuang's mask with disgust : So you're really one of those goo worshippers Antikami …
Fakuang smile with is horrible scar
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Irfidel.
Irfidel fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Sorum.
Irfidel fait un signe à Khalaoden.
Lehony fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Siela.
Irfidel fait un signe à Sharleen.
Fakuang dit : Goo is your saving to see real world !
Siela s'incline devant Lehony.
Sharleen fait un signe à Irfidel.
Khalaoden fait un signe à Irfidel.
Irfidel looks confusedly at Fakuang
Fakuang dit : Why kami temple is still there ?
Fakuang dit : Don't you love this little girl ?
Rikutatis dit : This whole group of homins came here today because we love her, and many are worried, even those who don't know her! What proof do you have that you have this Zorai girl with you, villain?
Fakuang pout
Fakuang dit : I am your only chance to see her again
Fakuang dit : So, you have only my speech
Fakuang dit : You can renounce too.
Fakuang dit : Poor, poor suki…
Irfidel mumbles under his breath : I don't like the smell of this
Rikutatis dit : The speech of an Antikami ? And a letter threatening the Theocracy ?? Fakuang dit you want the destruction of the kami temple ? Tha's a joke!
Vous ciblez Rikutatis.
Fakuang seems disappointed
Fakuang dit : A joke ? Nooooo !
Azazor think that if we cut one hand of fukuang, he should tell where is the little girl…
Fakuang dit : The temple is a wart in Jungle. I hope, one day, it will destroyed…
Fakuang dit : But, ok… If you don't want destroy temple for the moment…
Fakuang dit : I can accept a little commission to guide you to the little girl.
Rikutatis dit : The Kami Temple is the most sacred of all sites in the Jungle, filthy villain!
Rikutatis dit : The Antikamis will never destroy it.
Rikutatis dit : We want Suki back. That's why we came.
Fakuang dit : For nothing, you will get nothing.
Azazor dit : one blow of axe its ok for you?
Sharleen dit : oh je …Gewalt kann nur mit Gewalt enden *schüttelt den Kopf*
Rikutatis turns to the other homins assembled : What do you think? You all came to help, I ask your opinion on this.
Fakuang looks Azazor with disdain : we can fight, if you want, and you can loose Suki for ever.
Azazor est mauvais avec Fakuang.
Khalaoden translates Sharleen : Oh no, violence can only end with violence *shakes head*
Azazor tries to control his rage
Irfidel dit : I still think we should hold him near the breath of an Ocyx until he leads us to her.
Tomama dit : *agrees*
Irfidel dit : We should not provide a villain with money to do more evil
Fakuang smile cruelly
Fakuang dit : I like occyx too
Fakuang dit : My favorite animals !
Fakuang dit : Just after little zorais…
Rikutatis dit : I don't mind doing whatever with this aberration… we just need to make sure the Zorai girl is safe… she has been missing for so long… the Antikamis are horrible, if they had her all this time…
Fakuang dit : Suki is… hem… safe… for the moment.
Fakuang dit : In one part.
Fakuang dit : Globally speaking.
Fakuang dit : But after this night ?
Fakuang dit : Ho pooor girl.
Tomama dit : if we pay now they will know that we are ready to pay for kidnapped people……
Fakuang dit : I'm a bad guy. Ok. But it's too cruel, even for me.
Fakuang dit : But my honor forbidden me to betray my tribe without money.
Tomama dit : very honorable of yours…..-.-
Azazor dit : I have one proposition for you fakuang! if we bring some matis's ear, it's ok for you?
Azazor dit : it's not a joke
Fakuang dit : Hum… zorai's ear and 3 millions of dapper, and it's ok.
Azazor dit : grrrmlll
Irfidel coughs
Rikutatis dit : you want 3 million dappers?? And what proof we have you will not run away with the money?
Fakuang dit : I will lead you to suki
Fakuang dit : 2 million now, 1 million when we will see her ?
Azazor dit : show us suki before
Irfidel dit : Nah. We only show him we have the money, then we see the girl, then we swap money with girl. No money upfront!
Irfidel loudly thinks : And then we kill the tribe
Lehony dit : Vilain Fakuang avant de payer il faudrait que nous soyons sur que la petite fille est vivante
Rikutatis translate Lehony : Villain Fakuang, before paying we must know that the young girl is alive.
Fakuang dit : No. When you'll see Suki, you'll kill me, and I won't have the money.
Vous ciblez Lehony.
Lehony dit : non on voit si elle est vivante d'abord
Rikutatis dit : Lehony, be careful with him…
Sharleen fragt sich ob Fakuang Elias kennt
Tomama dit : and what about we just go to your tribe and tell them who's gona betray them for zorai's dappers?
Azazor dit : i'm opposite to a swap. If we pay, next time, it will be a other girl who will be kidnapped.
Fakuang effloresce Lehony's mask : If you want, we can meet, only you and me, after this sad story.
Khalaoden agrees with Azazor
Rikutatis dit : Do not touch Ambassadrice Lehony, Antekami !
Vous ciblez Rikutatis.
Fakuang look Rikutatis : ho, sorry, I don't know that she's important for you…
Fakuang dit : Lehony, nice name…
Lehony dit : bon tout le monde se calme , tu veux quoi ?
Rikutatis dit : Please, all calm down. We want Suki back and alive. Fakuang … take us to this girl.
Fakuang dit : I want money.
Tomama dit : let's stay on subject…why don't you answer me fakuang?…..
Tomama dit : your tribe will most likely slaughter you if they know you're going to betray them…
Lehony dit : ok 1million poue aller voir si elle va bien et apres on voit :)
Wolk dit : I offer only 1000 dappers
Fakuang see Tomama : Maybe my tribe don't like I gain money without them, and maybe they don't want to give you the girl, too.
Tomama dit : maybe, we can protect you if you give us the girl
Rikutatis dit : Lehony, you will give him the dappers ?
Lehony dit : yep
Fakuang burst out laughing : protect me ? you ?
Azazor dit : no lehony!
Lehony dit : je veux voir et recuperer le petite fille vivante
Tomama dit : wanna try ?
Fakuang dit : 1.5M now, and 1.5M when you are sure she's alive.
Tomama dit : maybe it's better if we both calm down…..let's just quit this thing in an intelligent way….we both have something to lose….
Rikutatis tr Lehony : I want to see and recover the young girl alive.
Lehony dit : non 1 million et on recupere la petite fille une fois la petite fille recuper je te paie le reste
Azazor dit : i propose that one of us VS you fakuang. If we win, you show us the girl. If we loose, we pay.
Wolk dit : to be sure that she is alive is not enough
Rikutatis tr Lehony : No, 1 million now and we recover the young girl. After that, I will pay you the rest.
Wolk dit : she has to be home first
Fakuang looks Wolk : oh, if she's alive but not really happy, do you prefer to abandonnate her ?
Azazor dit : fakuang, what about my proposition?
Azazor dit : are you afraid?
Fakuang looks Azazor : an other day. Now, I only want money.
Fakuang dit : Or temple destroying.
Fakuang dit : Or… kill a kami !
Fakuang dit : Not a kamist. I want burn a real Kami
Azazor dit : huhuhu you are terrorized
Fakuang dit : Ok, it's late… Maybe too late ! 1.5M now, it's my last offer.
Lehony dit : oui on recupere la fillette ce soir
Rikutatis dit : Alright, let's all calm down. Ambassadrice Lehony made you a proposal Fakuang. This seems like your best bet now. 1 million now. You take us to the girl. After she is safe and away from you monsters… then you have the rest of the dappers from Lehony.
Rikutatis tr Lehony : Yes, we will rescue the girl this evening.
Fakuang looks forward Lehony : Do I have your word ?
Lehony dit : oui tu as ma parole 1million mainteant et tu nous donne la filette et tu auras 2autres millions mais puis je avoit ta parole ?
Fakuang dit : Tope la !
L'échange est accepté des deux côtés.
Vous ciblez Lehony.
Fakuang bow in front of Lehony
Fakuang dit : Ok, follow me.
Rikutatis tr Lehony : Yes here is 1 million now and after you give us the girl, I'll give you the other 2 million. I have your word?
Vous quittez le Promontoire des Kipees.
Fakuang crie : You are too sloooooow
le Kincher Tout Puissant vous attaque.
Azazor fix fakuang with rage
le Kincher Tout Puissant quitte le combat.
Fakuang dit : oooops !!!
Fakuang dit : Muhahaha !
Fakuang dit : too weak…
Tomama dit : talking about yourself? yep…i noticed…and not much smarter too…..
Fakuang crie : Are you always alive ? Haha !!!
Rikutatis crie : Just remember if you try to run we have many weapons pointed at you, Antekami !
Rikutatis s'incline devant Irfidel.
Fakuang dit : Lehony is always safe, is the more important.
Fakuang dit : For my dappers !
Fakuang dit : maybe to strong for you ?
Wolk dit : dont play wheel of fortune
Vous ciblez un Pankom.
Tomama dit : keep dreaming about that….
Vous attaquez le Pankom.
Fakuang dit : Ok, I help you….
Fakuang dit : Without me, you are dead !
Tomama dit : is this guy even able of seeing reality? o.o
Azazor crie : good joke fakuang…
Vous êtes dans l' Atelier de Gu-Qin.
Fakuang dit : Ho and please…
Fakuang dit : Take of this stupid thing here…
Vous ciblez Arbre-Vrille.
Fakuang grumble about Arbre-Vrille
Vous quittez l' Atelier de Gu-Qin.
Rikutatis whispers to Tomama and Azazor : Stay alert if he tries something funny.
Fakuang crie : Goo is goo-d for skin !!!
Vous ciblez un Imposant Najab.
Vous ciblez Khalaoden.
Fakuang dit : Slow slow slooooow
Fakuang dit : Maybe tooo late !
Rikutatis dit : This monster is mad ….
Azazor dit : if it's too late, you are dead
Vous êtes dans la Souche Flétrie.
Vous quittez la Souche Flétrie.
Fakuang dit : Ok.
Fakuang dit : Continue, front of, during 200m.
Fakuang dit : You see her.
Fakuang dit : Kiss her for me.
Fakuang dit : And my son.
Azazor dit : you come with us
Rikutatis dit : And you?
Fakuang dit : And other.
Fakuang dit : I wait here.
Azazor dit : wait dead so!
Fakuang dit : I don“t want to disturb them…
Rikutatis dit : Sorum?
Lehony dit : ok mais on veut la recuoerer
Fakuang dit : à bientôt Lehony
Lehony dit : *recuperer
Fakuang dit : je viendrais chercher ce qui me revient…
Fakuang get is crystal
Azazor crie : it's ok?
Lehony dit : stay here whith me
Azazor vous attaque.

La partie de Krokwai

Vous êtes dans le Bosquet de l'Ombre. Cette région est neutre.
Krokwai dit : Hey, here is my little fiancee…
Goroki dit : Yeah chiiiiief !
Suki looks at Krokwai, somewhat afraid.
Krokwai smiles under his helm
Krokwai dit : So, ready to become the chief's wife ?
Suki dit : Wife …. ?
Krokwai dit : yep !
Krokwai dit : You must be impatient ! Such an honor !
Suki wobbles a little, unstable. The purple drink she had, makes her head spin.
Suki dit : Yes, Krokwai. An… honor.
Krokwai dit : Goo'ed, goo'ed
Krokwai looks to the little zorai with some lust, from foot to head, loosing time on certain parts with interest
Vous utilisez votre Feu d'artifice type D.
Suki looks hesitant at Krokwai, taking a step back, almost falling.
Krokwai dit : he he he, don't be shy, you will have to stand your rank, soon
Suki dit : Krok… wai… he don't hurt me so much ?
Krokwai dit : hurt ? why should I ?
Suki sits down.
Goroki dit : Maybe you can take off your helmet, chief ? to see your beautiful smile !
Krokwai dit : Helm ? What helm ?
Krokwai doesn't seem to understand
Vous rangez votre Hache Cleven.
Vous rangez votre <icbss_pvp.name>.
Vous prenez votre Mitrailleuse Zo'Mo-ka.
Vous rangez votre Mitrailleuse Zo'Mo-ka.
Vous rangez votre Casque Tan-ko.
Krokwai makes a grinding smile to Suki, full of perversity
Suki slowly stands up again, still unstable.
Krokwai has his eyes rolling around, under the effect of the goo, drugs, insanity… And he smiles, with broken, dirty teeth
Krokwai dit : Goo'ed, goo'ed, goo'ed
Krokwai dit : Do we wait for guests ?
Krokwai dit : Your family will come, … ?
Goroki dit : We are not enough…
Goroki dit : Where is Fakuang, and dafanshi, and Giasuki, and other ?
Krokwai tries to remember the name of Suki
Krokwai is surprised : Who ?
Suki dit : My… family …?
Krokwai dit : yes !
Suki suddenly begins to cry, collapsing on the purple corrupted ground again. She sobs.
Krokwai dit : Is Fakuang from your family ?
Krokwai dit : Or Gisuakio ? Or Fashidan ?
Krokwai dit : They will be so honoured !
Krokwai takes some goo on the ground and hands it to Suki : Take some gift for them !
Suki continues to cry uncontrollably, mumbling : Family … mom …. wedding …. Krok ….
Krokwai dit : I amhappy you are full of joy !
Krokwai smiles and pours some goo on suki
Krokwai annonce le début de la fête !
Vous ciblez Suki.
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Vous vous prenez pour cible.
Suki slowly stands up again .
Suki spreads the goo on her face and hair, eyes dazed and distant.
Suki dit : the syrupy drink …. more…. please…. ?
Krokwai dit : Of course, here is some !
Krokwai give a fial to Suki : Want more Gookies also ?
Suki looks at Krokwai, afraid, looking at the drink in his hand. She takes a step back, hesitant.
Krokwai dit : Wanna dance too ? Great !
Krokwai annonce le début de la fête !
Krokwai dit : One step back, and one step beyond, jump to the right, jump to the left ! Yeah !!!!
Suki makes a sad, confused face : the drink… ?
Suki dit : please..?
Krokwai dit : Here it is !
Krokwai is happy to see she's not too shy and tries to put a hand on a shoulder
Krokwai dit : Come closer, don't be shy…
Krokwai dit : Soon, we will…
Krokwai has an insane light in his eyes
Krokwai dit : It would be so great if you would begin to cut your mask for our wedding !
Krokwai is filled with a childish joy
Giasuki encourage tout le monde.
Vous ciblez Giasuki.
Suki takes the drink offered and begins to drink it hungrily, very fast. *gulp gulp*
Suki dit : mask ….
Suki sways.
Suki tend une main. Est-ce que Krokwai veut danser ?
Suki tend une main. Est-ce que Krokwai veut danser ?
Krokwai dit : yes…. AN hoorible thing you should ripp off your face !
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Giasuki veut danser ?
Krokwai dit : Let's dance for the occasion !
Krokwai jumps like crazy, shouting, yelling, spitting in a desorderly manner
Suki dances slowly, in contrast with Krokwai's crazy dancing. Her eyes are closed, she is clearly dazed …
Krokwai dit : Yes !!! Nice !!!
Giasuki dit : Yeah party!!!!
Giasuki dit : Hey Boss, where is the other Boss?
Krokwai sings nonsense with an horrible voice
Krokwai dit : Wut ?
Giasuki dit : Fakuang.
Giasuki dit : Where is he?
Suki dit : Faku—- annnnh ?
Krokwai shakes his body like an old kipesta under alcoohol
Suki tend une main. Est-ce que Giasuki veut danser ?
Giasuki tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Krokwai dit : Yeah, too homines, tht's better !!!!
Giasuki encourage Suki. Fonce Suki !
Krokwai seems to have some new ideas for the wedding night…
Suki sighs and puts her hands in her head.
Krokwai wonders if he can marry too homines at once…
Giasuki dit : Woha Suki, we are sisters now. We are sukis sisters so you have to stay with us forever!
Suki walks back until she bumps into Goroki and jumps scared.
Giasuki dit : Gonna be awesome!
Krokwai dit : Yeah !!!!!
Krokwai dit : Come get more gookies !
Suki dit : sisters…. family ….?
Krokwai dit : Yeah ! You're my wife, soon, and so we will be a great family !
Krokwai dit : And we will share your sisters too !
Krokwai dit : It will be…
Giasuki dit : Yui! We will protect you from the evils kami demons!
Krokwai crie : AWESOME !!!!
Giasuki dit : Omy goo omy goo omy goo!
Krokwai gives his hand to Suki : Come with me, to prepare our wedding !
Giasuki dit : Why is it so long! I am starving time to eat soon!
Krokwai dit : You're right ! Why do we wait ?
Suki does not take Krokwai's hand. Instead she starts crying again.
Krokwai is eager to have his wedding night it seems…
Giasuki dit : I dunno, we wait the Chief I think?
Krokwai dit : Ho, poor little girl, want more goo ?
Krokwai propose another fial to Suki
Krokwai looks at Giasuki : Chief ? I am the Chief !
Suki looks up, tears down her face : Goo ?
Giasuki dit : Pfff, calm down with the gookies, she is not use to eat that much.
Suki dit : Chief ? Chief ? Chiiiiiieeff!!1
Krokwai dit : This is a chief wedding !
Krokwai crie : Here : The chief !
Giasuki catch Suki and hugs her.
Krokwai is happy to see they are becoming friends
Giasuki dit : Gonna be ok, you don't have to be scare, if Krokwai is mean with you I will cut his…erhh….I'll cut him!
Krokwai dit : Cutyour mask is better !
Suki dit : Gia…suki
Giasuki dit : Power to homina!!!!!!
Suki hugs Giasuki.
Giasuki hugs Suki.
Krokwai dit : Do you want to marry me alltogether ?
Krokwai dit : That's would be….
Krokwai dit : So…
Krokwai dit : Yum yum…
Giasuki dit : Mmmmh? I am not sure. I think I prefer to marry the Strong Leader of our clan.
Krokwai dit : I am this one, for sure !
Giasuki dit : You are too weak Boss.
Krokwai dit : And you will have the honor to share my bed, alltogether
Giasuki laugh : I could eat you raw so weak you are.
Krokwai dit : Eat me ? Ohhhh, yes !!!!!!
Krokwai smiles
Krokwai dit : I like the idea !
Krokwai dit : But don't be jealous, … homine, I can take care of you too…
Giasuki dit : Bah Suki, don't be anxious Krok is weak but super bright.
Krokwai dit : Week ? You sure ?
Giasuki dit : He will be a good husband.
Krokwai dit : SO please make my day…
Krokwai dit : Yep, I am a goo'ed guy !
Giasuki dit : em laugh and make shake the ground.
Giasuki dit : (d'oh xD)
Suki dit : Krokwai … he don't hurt so bad ….
Krokwai dit : Alright ! Goo'ed, Goo'ed, goo'ed…
Suki dit : give me drink purple … so purple ….
Krokwai dit : Of course !
Giasuki dit : Can I have some too?
Krokwai gives another fial of drug to Suki
Krokwai dit : Of course, and gookies too !
Krokwai dit : It is a chief wedding day, so let's enjoy it !
Giasuki dit : Gookie….yummy I am so hungry.
Giasuki start eating like a monster.
Krokwai dit : Come here, …
Giasuki dit : Om nom nom nom!
Krokwai looks at SUki : WHat is your name ?
Suki takes the drink with trembling hands, drinking, some of the purple syrup spills down her mouth, she starts to cough *cough cough*
Krokwai dit : It is too complicated, I can't remember it
Suki dit : Su-ki
Krokwai dit : Ouch, too long…
Giasuki dit : Be gentle on the drinks, it isnt capriny milk!
Krokwai dit : ANywa, I will call you Suki, it will be easier
Giasuki et Suki se tapent dans les mains.
Giasuki dit : Suki Sisters!
Krokwai smiles : and soon my wives !
Suki turns to Giasuki, her lips all purple.
Suki dit : suki sisters
Krokwai dit : Yeah….
Krokwai hands a knife to SUki : DO you want to cut your mask to celebrate that ?
Giasuki dit : Oh yes! What a goo 'd idea!
Suki dit : Mask … K… Krok…. Kro …. Kamis ??
Suki screams and starts crying.
Krokwai dit : Yeah, cut your mask, it will be great !
Krokwai dit : Too much joy for you, I understand !
Giasuki dit : Tsss! Krokwai! You goo too fast!
Krokwai dit : Think about all the goo'ed memories you get there !
Giasuki dit : She isn't ready for that.
Suki sits and cries.
Krokwai dit : Want more drink, SIku ?
Giasuki dit : Be nice, she will cuts her mask when she will be ready.
Krokwai dit : Of course, of course !
Dounlor has his eyes focused nowhere, his eyes purple.
Krokwai dit : Come here, Saki, come closer, don't be afraid
Suki slowly comes closer… one step at a time …
Vous ciblez Giasuki.
Krokwai dit : Nice
Krokwai dit : Do you want to begin to cut your mask now or not ?
Giasuki dit : Chief!
Krokwai dit : Yeah ?
Krokwai dit : Wut ?
Krokwai dit : I am discussing with my wife-to-be, pliz
Giasuki dit : That's enought! I am goo na kick your butt!
Krokwai dit : Good idea, but later, pliz
Krokwai dit : Give a chance to Saki to taste before
Giasuki dit : No mask cutting for now she is not ready damn goohead!
Krokwai gives some gookies to Sika
Krokwai dit : Ok, ok
Suki dit : Cut… mask ?
Goroki dit : Hey, your guest are their !!!!
Krokwai smiles : yes, that's would be so great !
Giasuki dit : Oh?
Krokwai dit : Guests ? Your family, honey ?
Rikutatis crie : All weapons down, Antekamis !
Giasuki crie : Ewwww!!!! Kamists!
Goroki see : no, not my family…
Krokwai dit : Welcome, fellows goo'ed people !
Suki dit : kamis …. ?
Giasuki dit : Stand back Kamists!
Krokwai dit : Kamis ?
Krokwai dit : Who invited kamis here to my wedding ?
Rikutatis dit : Wedding ??
Krokwai dit : You're the father ?
Suki dit : Krok…wai ….
Krokwai dit : Wana some goo, people ?
Giasuki dit : Oh my goo, there is too much of them….
Krokwai dit : I hope there will enough drugs and gookies…
Goroki dit : Father ? But I believe it's Fakuang, your father, Chief ?
Suki looks very bruised on many places. Her feet are bare and bleeding. Her dress and face are filled with a purple syrupy liquid like the Goo. Her eyes look dazed and distant.
Krokwai looks at Suki : It will be great for your family to see you cutting your mask tight now, I think…
Giasuki crie : Kamists! Who is your Leader!?
Goroki dit : Kamist ?
Krokwai dit : I amthe Leader here !
Giasuki dit : Not you Chief!
Goroki look floor : no, goo is not kamist…
Krokwai dit : Am I kamist ?
Krokwai dit : I hope not
Lehony dit : ok tu es le leader donc on viens chercher Suki
Giasuki dit : The kamist leader I mean!
Krokwai dit : One can be kamist and leader ?
Krokwai dit : No no no
Giasuki dit : Es-tu la cheffe de ce groupe?
Suki dit : Cut… mask … Krok-wai ?
Lehony dit : oui
Krokwai dit : A priest for my wedding ?
Rikutatis tr Lehony : Ok, are you the leader, so we come to look for Suki.
Giasuki dit : Suki reste avec nous.
Goroki dit : goo-priest ?
Rikutatis tr Giasuki : Are you the leader of this group?
Giasuki dit : She is part of our clan now.
Krokwai takes the hand of Suki : SO it's time to marry as your family is here
Rikutatis tr Giasuki : Suki, stay with us.
Rikutatis tr Lehony : I am an ambassador
Giasuki dit : I am the strongest so yes I will speak in the name of Fakuang for now.
Lehony dit : je veux Suki
Suki hesitates, but at last takes Krokwai's hand.
Giasuki dit : C'est ma soeur, elle reste avec nous.
Suki dit : Krokwai… he don't hurt so much ….
Krokwai dit : Why are you embarassed ? Are you jealous ?
Giasuki dit : On est les Sukis Sisters!
Krokwai looks at Lehony
Krokwai dit : Wanna marry metoo ?
Giasuki dit : Alors barrez-vous!
Krokwai dit : If there is room for too, there is room for three !
Rikutatis tr Giasuki : She is my sister, she stays with us. We are Suki sisters !
Krokwai dit : ANd my wives soon !
Suki dit : Kamists … ?
Krokwai dit : Goo'ed, goo'ed, goo'ed, so let's party
Lehony dit : tu veux quoi Suki ?
Krokwai dit : Who wanna take some goo drug ?
Giasuki dit : Je dis ce que je veux, je ne suis l'esclave de personne et je n'obéis pas à une kamiste.
Suki sits down and breaks down crying. She sobs uncontrollably.
Krokwai hands a fial to Suki : Here is some oo'ed drink for ya, Sako…
Giasuki dit : Vous lui faites peur, elle allait bien avant que vous arriviez.
Goroki dit : mood of wedding… so romantic !
Rikutatis tr Lehony : What do you want Suki?
Giasuki dit : Le Bosquet de l'Ombre appartient aux Antekamis, retournez d'où vous venez.
Rikutatis tr Giasuki : You are making Suki afraid, she was fine before you arrived.
Lehony dit : la terre des Zorais appartient aux Zorais
Rikutatis tr Giasuki : The Grove of Umbra belongs to the Antikamis, go back to where you came from.
Giasuki dit : Goo away. Suki will not be a slave of the kami demons like you are. She is free!
Krokwai dit : Free tomarry me, yeap
Rikutatis tr Lehony : The Zorai lands belongto the Zorais.
Krokwai dit : ANd to take some goo'ed medicine !
Lehony dit : si elle est libre pourquoi ne repond t'elle aps ???
Suki slowly stands up.
Suki dit : Krok…wai …. more drink …. please ?
Lehony dit : *pas
Krokwai dit : Of course, honey !
Giasuki dit : Because you all scare her.
Heline dit : Que lui fait il boire?
Azazor dit : she is a junky isn't it?
Rikutatis tr Lehony : If she is free, why doesn't she respond for herself?
Giasuki dit : Goo drinks why?
Goroki hold out gookies to everyone : gookies ? pipping hot !
Krokwai gives some purple drink and takes some for him
Heline dit : Suki, ne bois pas ça!
Krokwai dit : So, everybody is ready for the wedding ?
Lehony dit : bon dernier echange gntil vous nous donnez Suki maintenant
Rikutatis tr Heline : Suki, don't drink that!
Krokwai dit : WHo is Suki ?
Lehony dit : *gentil
Giasuki dit : She is enought old to drink what she wanna drinks!
Krokwai dit : I drink it if I want !
Krokwai wonders : AM I Suki ?
Suki starts to sway, looking very dazed.
Suki tend une main. Est-ce que Krokwai veut danser ?
Suki tend une main. Est-ce que Krokwai veut danser ?
Krokwai dit : Yeah, danse !
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Giasuki veut danser ?
Vous ciblez Suki.
Giasuki dit : Just leave.
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Rikutatis tr Lehony : Before we stop being nice, give us Suki now.
Giasuki dit : I prefer avoid the fight today.
Goroki dit : Yeaaaah, dancing !!!
Lehony dit : ok les compagons nous allons devoir defendre Suki
Krokwai dit : That's nice to see all your friends with us in the goo, honey !
Rikutatis tr Lehony : Ok, we will be forced to defend Suki.
Krokwai conti nues to dance
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Azazor dit : a lot of junky here…
Suki dances with Krokwai, her feet bleeding, mouth purple, body bruised. She closes her eyes and dances.
Krokwai dit : No junk, it is decoration for my wedding, you stupid !
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Goroki dit : me ?
Tomama dit : soo….why remind me…why aren't we wasting them already?
Goroki dit : I'm not stupid !
Rikutatis dit : Antekamis, we are here for the Zorai girl ! There will be no wedding ! We demand her back.
Krokwai looks at he weapons : Are this gifts for me ? That's nice !
Krokwai dit : Can I have the big axe ?
Krokwai dit : Siku, wich one do you want ?
Giasuki dit : Suki?
Krokwai dit : Yes ?
Giasuki dit : What you want to do?
Suki dit : I want … family ….
Suki starts crying again, hands in her mask
Krokwai dit : I am
Krokwai dit : here
Krokwai dit : We will be your family soon…
Goroki try to imagine krokwai and suki's child
Giasuki dit : You are free…to choose…
Krokwai dit : Just take more gookies…
Suki takes the gookie, bites it.
Krokwai dit : Of course, I can choose, and I want the axe !
Giasuki dit : Tell us if you want to stay or leave.
Krokwai dit : And I want to stay !
Irfidel whispers to Rikutatis : They seem to be on goo! We should put them all into prison for a week, and after the goo has worn off maybe we can talk to normal people again.
Giasuki dit : You are my Suki sister, I will respect your choice.
Tomama dit : ooooor we spare a week and kill them now….
Krokwai dit : I am not your sister. Oh, wait….
Azazor take the hand of suki. can you renember your name?
Rikutatis whispers to Irfidel : Doesn't look to me like they will follow us willingly. We can try.
Krokwai dit : Am I ?
Heline sourit à Suki.
Suki hugs Giasuki : Suki sisters…
Giasuki sourit gentiment à Suki.
Giasuki dit : Suki sisters…forever.
Krokwai dit : Yes…
Krokwai dit : Suki sisteres, for ever
Irfidel whispers to Rikutatis : Maybe we can lure them to Min Cho by telling them a crazy story. They cannot think clearly, it seems.
Giasuki hugs Suki.
Krokwai looks at Giasuki : ANd me ?
Giasuki dit : Yes you too Krok! You are our sweet little sister hahaha!
Krokwai dit : So sweet !
Giasuki dit : Say Suki?
Azazor dit : Who want to drink more goo? I have more and more in my appartment in min-cho!
Azazor dit : follow me!
Suki dit : Gia-suki … I want … mom…. mom…. mooooother !!!!
Krokwai crie : : Goo for everyone, !!!! Yeah !
Giasuki dit : What you want to do?
Suki crie : MOTHER !!!!
Krokwai dit : Yes ?
Krokwai dit : Suki, I AM your mother !
Giasuki is shocked and disapointed.
Azazor dit : follow me suki, i have see your mother in min-cho!
Suki dit : Min …. Cho?
Krokwai dit : Hey, where are you going ?
Azazor dit : yes, follow me
Giasuki dit : …
Irfidel dit : Min Cho is a nice place for a family, Suki
Krokwai dit : And the wedding ? The goo ? Cutting your mask ?
Azazor dit : more goo in min-cho
Rikutatis dit : Why don't the Antekamis come to Min-Cho as well?
Rikutatis dit : The whole tribe !
Azazor dit : and your mother
Krokwai dit : My mther ?
Rikutatis dit : You're all welcome to come to Min-Cho. We… want you there.
Azazor dit : come on
Rikutatis looks at irfidel
Giasuki whispers : I don't follow kamist monsters…not again…
Dounlor dit : goo for freee?
Krokwai dit : Yeah !!!!
Krokwai dit : WHat a wedding !
Giasuki dit : Suki…you are free to go, I will miss you…
Suki dit : Gia… suki …
Krokwai dit : Come with us to the goo-party !
Krokwai tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Azazor dit : come suki, come with me
Suki dit : mother …
Dounlor dit : why… so many people…
Azazor tend une main. Est-ce que Suki veut danser ?
Krokwai dit : Yes, I wanna danse !
Dounlor dit : from where…
Dounlor dit : i don't know anybody…
Dounlor crie : who are you?
Dounlor dit : oh… my chef!
Azazor whisper to riku : we go to min-cho?
Krokwai dit : Ahahaha, SUch a big tribe with me, I am the most powerfull chief here !!!
Dounlor crie : wait! no journey without a bag of goo!
Rikutatis whispers to Azazor : Yes, let's bring them to Min-Cho. The guards wait.
Krokwai crie : Let's go and kill the kamists altogether !!!
Irfidel fluestert zu Sharleen : Ist das nicht eine seltsame Geschichte? Beunruhigend wie Goo die Sinne vernebelt
Azazor dit : follow me suzy
Vous êtes au Pôle Magique de la Souche Flétrie.
Dounlor dit : kamists? wait… why do we walk when they are here?
Vous quittez le Pôle Magique de la Souche Flétrie.
Krokwai dit : Come Dounlor, we will go and kill kamists
Vous êtes dans la Souche Flétrie.
Dounlor dit : i follow you… you lead to Kamists…. and i want kill kamists
Rikutatis whispers to Tomama and Donkeynello : Be ready, when we arrive in Min-Cho we must incapacitate them all. For the guards to arrest them.
Vous quittez la Souche Flétrie.
Krokwai crie : LET'S BURN ZORA FOR MY WEDDING !!!!
Krokwai crie : AHAHA
Vous êtes dans l' Atelier de Gu-Qin.
Dounlor whispers to Krokwai : why not infiltrate zora with goooo…. better than burn!
Vous quittez l' Atelier de Gu-Qin.
Krokwai dit : I Have plenty of goo with me, don't be afraid !
Dounlor dit : or BURN AND GOO
Krokwai crie : WE WILL SPILL GOO ON MAKE-A-BRA !!!!!
Vous êtes à Min-Cho.
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Halt
Krokwai crie : YEAH !!!!! KILL THEM ALL !!!! AHAHAHA
Rikutatis crie : Wait here
Krokwai dit : I am ready to kill and burn those kamists !!!!
Rikutatis s'incline devant Ja-Zun Chi.
Krokwai crie : Surrender and you will not suffer, you bastards kamists !
Rikutatis dit : Kami'ata, Ja-Zun Chi.
Dounlor dit : so slow!
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Who are you ? I don't know you
Krokwai whipsers : In fact, they will suffer, but I am trying to make them afraid hehehheh
Irfidel dit : Ja-Zun, don't you recognize an Awakened if you see him?
Ja-Zun Chi pointe Krokwai.
Krokwai dit : I am chief of ANtekamis Kazes !
Dounlor whispers to Krokwai : Do you have the goo ready?
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Antekamis are not welcome
Rikutatis dit : Ja-Zun Chi, I am Awakened Rikutatis. We bring you prisoners from the dreaded tribe of the Antekamis !
Krokwai dit : Surrender to the power of goo, you kamist stupid !
Krokwai dit : Wut ?
Krokwai looks around him : WUT ?
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Krokwai You under arrest
Rikutatis dit : arrest them all !
Rikutatis vous jette un sort offensif.
Dounlor dit : run!
Rikutatis a créé un nouveau lien de magie avec vous.
Donkeynello vous jette un sort offensif.
Donkeynello a créé un nouveau lien de magie avec vous.
Donkeynello vous a étourdi.
Krokwai looks at Rikutatis : You are under arrest !
Krokwai dit : WUT ?
Dounlor looks around
Krokwai seems to lose his mind (the small part he got still…)
Dounlor dit : how? why?
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Follow us to the jail
Dounlor dit : only gooo can help us now!
Ja-Zun Chi dit : Or better, follow awakened Rikitatis
Krokwai begins to moun : Killl… kamists… Goo them all….
Rikutatis dit : You are all under arrest for the kidnapping of the girl Suki and ilegal use of Goo substances !
le lien créé entre Donkeynello et vous a été rompu.
le lien créé entre Rikutatis et vous a été rompu.
Vous n'êtes plus étourdi.
Azazor dit : dont run dounlor!
Dounlor dit : i… ill… legal?
Krokwai dit : WUT ?
Dounlor dit : but…
Tomama dit : what riku says and because you are too stupid to stay free….-.-
Suki cries : Min-Cho …
Rikutatis grins at Tomama.
Krokwai crie : You betray me,my tribe ?
Rikutatis dit : They are indeed very stupid!
Krokwai dit : Come and share some goo, let's discuss
Dounlor dit : i stay with you, chief!
Krokwai dit : Ah, goo'ed fellow…
Donkeynello vous jette un sort offensif.
Donkeynello a créé un nouveau lien de magie avec vous.
Krokwai crie : WUT ?
Rikutatis dit : All Antekamis prisoners, drop your weapons if you want to stay alive.
Krokwai dit : WUT ?
Dounlor whispers to Krokwai : without you… the tribe can't stay alive… RUUN!
Dounlor crie : Let Krokwai go!
Krokwai has some problems to be able to speak but can't handle correctly his weapons
Vous ciblez Rikutatis.
Dounlor crie : ok ok! i drop my weapons!
Dounlor crie : i can't fight without goooo
Azazor dit : it's a sage decision
Krokwai dit : Wut ?
Krokwai looks at his weapons taken by Rikutatis
Rikutatis dit : Krokwai… your little gang of drug use is over.
Krokwai dit : Wut ?
Azazor dit : and for antekami who have fled? what we do?
Krokwai dit : Hey, whre are my chief's weapons ?
Rikutatis dit : All Antekamis, follow me ! I thank all Zorai Initiates and friends of the Zorais for the help in this matter !
Krokwai takes a fial in a bag : At least, I have my goo…
Rikutatis dit : Azazor, we will look for them afterwards. The important is that Suki is back and safe and the bandits are arrested. Ari'Kami.
Krokwai dit : Hey, why don't we burn the city ?
Tomama fait un signe à Goroki.
Vous quittez le Bosquet de l'Ombre. Vous sortez d'une région neutre.
Vous êtes dans les Cités de l'Intuition. Cette région est neutre.
Azazor dit : goroki, your weapon!
Krokwai is trying to remember what we was supposed to do this evening…
Dounlor asks the guards : want some goo?
Azazor crie : GOROKI! YOUR WEAPON!
Krokwai tries to kick a guard but falls on the ground
Nelaiko s'incline respectueusement.
Rikutatis fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Nelaiko.
Nelaiko fait une révérence des plus courtoises à Rikutatis.
Rikutatis dit : Kami'ata Nelaiko !
Rikutatis dit : We bring antekami prisoners to put them under safety.
Wolk crie : WHERE WILL SUKI GO ?
Nelaiko dit : Ata'kami Rikutatis.
Krokwai dit : I am Here !
Nelaiko dit : What is going on?
Goroki dit : My father don't like that…
Krokwai dit : No, I am not Giasuki, I am her sister, if I am right…
Goroki dit : But it's soooo funny !
Krokwai dit : Where are we going to ?
Krokwai dit : Find more goo ?
Dounlor dit : giasuki… that rings a bell…
Rikutatis dit : Yes, to find your new home Krokwai.
Nelaiko dit : Goo?!
Dounlor crie : where's the chiefs wife?
Krokwai dit : Wanna some ?
Krokwai dit : Yes, where is the chiefs' wive ?
Nelaiko dit : In the name of Ma'Duk what is going on…?
Krokwai dit : Hey, wait, I am the chief…
Azazor dit : suzy is in good hand
Dounlor dit : we need to find her!
Krokwai dit : So where is my wife ?
Azazor dit : she come, relax
Krokwai dit : Ah, great…
Goroki wait to see how his beloved chief will get out this bazaar
Rikutatis dit : All antekamis, can go in there.
Rikutatis shows the ramp.
Krokwai hands some goo to Azazor : Want some ? Don't be shy…
Dounlor dit : goo'd….
Azazor dit : after after
Krokwai dit : This is goo'ed goo, ya know !
Rikutatis dit : They had kidnapped a Zorai girl,. Nelaiko.
Nelaiko dit : My godness…is she fine?
Krokwai tries to kick a guard but miss him and fall
Dounlor whispers to his chief : let's attack Rikutatis at least…
Rikutatis dit : The goo is inside the building, just go there Antekamis !
Krokwai dit : Rikatitus what ?
Rikutatis dit : A lot of Goo for you !
Dounlor dit : want some goo'd goo, Nel?
Goroki sigh
Nelaiko dit : Stand back, no I don't want.
Wolk dit : what about the girl ?
Dounlor dit : is there even place for goo in that barack?
Krokwai dit : Goo inside ? Nice !
Rikutatis dit : Who is with the girl ??
Azazor dit : yes goooood goo
Dounlor dit : goooo
Goroki follow is chief
Krokwai crie : My tribe, I am rpoud of you. We have won a big battle today, but the war is not over. Goo will win, be sure !
Krokwai crie : I will be back !
Goroki crie : : Yeaaaaaah !!!!
Azazor crie : sure krokwai, sure….
Dounlor crie : gooo for the win!
Goroki crie : : Krokwai, our chiiiief !
Dounlor dit : goo! where's the gooooooo!!!

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